The Most Incredible Women In History That You’ve Never Heard Of

Whether you knew it or not, women have been pushing the limits and shaping the world...pretty much since humanity became a thing. And you don't have to resort to fictional stories to get your fill of dashing heroines. They've been with us in the pages of history all along!

Most people are familiar with true stories starring rulers and warriors, philosophers and scientists. But how many of those are about women? In reality, plenty of history's rulers, scientists, and everything in between have been women; we just don't hear about them.

They deserve to be celebrated in the mainstream. Because really, I don't want Pirates of the Caribbean 10; I want The Life and Times of Ching Shih. Eager for another gritty WWII movie to add to the pile? Great; let's do Irina Sendler's List. And who doesn't enjoy pop culture's lovable rogues? But it doesn't have to be Indiana Jones, featuring even more close calls because he's 76 now. We could just make a movie about Julie d'Aubigny, a real person with a double life as both opera star and cross-dressing duelist.

Countless amazing women have changed the course of history, but very few get the credit. It's about time we shine a light on history's most awe-inspiring heroines.

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