My name is Glenn Carreau and I am a concept and character artist, writer, and game designer. I’m a recent graduate of Columbia College Chicago, where I studied Game Art and Professional Writing. 

Currently, I'm the lead artist on Inspiration, a storytelling card game. Our team has been developing the game for the past year and we are currently working on crowdfunding for the game.

In college, I designed several concepts for games and become proficient in a wide range of artistic disciplines. I also branched out into narrative development for interactive media. I have worked on small indie game teams to develop three different games over the course of a year. 

I am committed to creating games that I would have wanted to see when I was a kid just starting out, games with diversity and representation. I aim to utilize my art, design and writing skills to expand storytelling in games. I want to create and contribute to games that feature diverse characterization and enthralling and thought-provoking stories.

 I passionately adore the violin, cosplay, foxes, the prose of Jenny Lawson, and Strong Female Characters™.