‘Anderson’ Game at E3’s IndieCade Showcase is a Virtual Escape the Room

E3’s IndieCade Showcase is a fascinating miscellany of smaller, independently developed games. I had the opportunity to try out one of those selected for the showcase, a VR title called Anderson, and learned how to plot an escape to a digital world.

Anderson was conceived as a means for developer AJRPG to familiarize themselves with VR, adding extra layers of immersion to an already compelling genre of game. According to the makers of Anderson, its development was a surprisingly quick, streamlined process. The game is not made with complex tools; it’s built in Unity, and all of its assets are free from Unity’s store. The point of the game wasn’t to make something huge a with unique art and setting, but rather to use simple means and mechanics to create an engaging story.

It takes a minute to get your bearings in the world of VR, but once the world—or rather, captive’s closet—of Anderson has been entered, a search for information begins immediately. Its aforementioned narrative comes to play as you try to figure out why you’ve been taken captive at all.

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