'State of Mind' At E3: Smart Dystopian Sci-Fi With an Unnervingly Possible Future

Daedalic Entertainment’s story-driven sci-fi adventure, State of Mind, is rapidly approaching its release date. At E3, Daedalic showed off a few samples of gameplay and gave us a look into a future that is detailed, engaging, and doesn’t require as much suspension of belief as you might think.

State of Mind is the next step up from Daedalic’s past point-and-click adventures, and this game utilizes a heavily styled 3D design combined with investigation and exploration driven gameplay. It’s also quite dialogue-intensive, and designed to attract fans of single-player narrative-heavy titles. The peek we got at E3 showed gameplay with two different playable characters: a journalist named Richard and his unknowing semi-copy, Adam. The two characters already make for some interesting storytelling possibilities, and they’re only two out of six characters that players will be able to pilot during the game.

Developers also emphasized that State of Mind thoroughly explores the idea of Trans-humanism. A main point of the story is the copying and uploading of a human’s consciousness into a digital world, and another body. Players will be engaged on the social and political implications of such technology, and will even have to decide in the course of playing what a digital life is worth.

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