Production Chief of Marvel Says the World Is Ready for a Gay Superhero in the Marvel Universe

The cinematic world of superheroes might be getting a little more diverse. Captain Marvel, the first female protagonist to arrive within Marvel's Cinematic Universe, is currently taking the world by storm. And last year, Black Panther did the same with Marvel's first leading black superhero.

Now, a Marvel executive is throwing out the idea of a gay superhero. And if this is a thing actually happening, it's about time. Some more old-fashioned fans may argue that this increase in diversity is just pandering to complaints. After all, we've got so many straight white male protagonists in the MCU that it's getting really tough to name them all. But here's the thing: the world is a diverse place. So really, the presence of more than one female or black superhero lead is way overdue.

Why stop at one LGBT superhero, or female protagonist, or person of color in a starring role? Marvel might just be thinking of balancing those scales a little more!

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